Israel – Trying to Stay in the Race

As mentioned in the ‘about’ page of our blog, our purpose is to discuss all perspectives of situations, events and conflicts. So, in following of my previous post, a post highlighting the unjust, violent circumstances that the public are experiencing all over the world, from a generalist perspective of innocent bystanders, i will proceed to take another look, zooming in on the Israeli’s more recent turbulence with the Palestinians.

What is purpose of the violent out brawl between Israel and Palestine? That is the underlying question that has been filling the news the past few weeks and why shouldn’t it.. with airstrikes and rockets being launched, increased fatalities and overall economic instability – what is to come of all this? Continue reading

In the Eyes of the Followers

In the last few months or so, with the upsurge in the violent epidemic that is spiralling around the Middle East and the various strong minded perceptions of the situation has had me vastly intrigued and profoundly disturbed. Surprisingly, my disappointment was not so much the agenda’s of the leaders – whether it be Israel, US or ISIL but their inability to see past the big picture and take responsibility for the small voiced, individuals that are encompassing all the pain of the out brawl. Quite frankly, just by being human, I feel I can speak for many individuals despite their race or religion that leader’s pursuing their financial, egotistic or spiritual agenda’s are not enriching the lives of their supporters or as I would rather refer to them as ‘followers’ by stripping people of their basic human rights that are to live. The increasing insecurity and vulnerability of the lives of individuals are in the hands of leaders that are struggling to see past the importance in more land, more allies or more money and its simply demoralising and downright disturbing.